Shakeology Compared to Everything Else

How does Shakeology compare to other shakes on the market?Screen Shot 2011 09 02 at 4.09.42 PM 300x243 Shakeology Compared to Everything Else

How do you know if Shakeology is really worth the money when other shakes cost less?

There are several “protein shakes” and meal replacement shakes that are cheaper than Shakeology. But the comparisons are almost always comparing apples to oranges. Alot of products out there are simply “protein shakes” only, but even the other “health shakes” are not comparable when you consider the intangibles like quality of sourcing, efficacy, and the delicate balance of incredible health benefits and delicious flavor that you get with Shakeology.

When Beachbody developed Shakeology, the goal was to provide a much needed product to the marketplace where the benefits of the shake would live up to the promise of the line “The Healthiest Meal of the Day.” Much more than just protein, Shakeology was designed for people who really expected a single product to deliver overall health benefits.

You should keep some important things in mind to know whether a product really measures up to Shakeology

With over 70 extremely healthy ingredients, other products on the market just can’t compare to the health benefits of Shakeology. Other shakes will advertise the number of ingredients they have also. But are the ingredients they are counting actually good for you?

Do they come from whole food sources? They do in Shakeology! Too often the “magic ingredient” found in other shakes never benefits you because it has been isolated from the enzymes and phytonutrients. These are actually needed to make the “magic ingredient” effective when it is consumed.

Does the competition formulate for the synergistic benefits between the ingredients, or just slap together whatever is hot in the media? The special process used to formulate the collection of ingredients in Shakeology allow them to work together like a symphony. A combination so effective some people report dramatic benefits within the first week of use. Not just weight loss, but meaningful health benefits; improved digestion, regularity, energy, vitality!

Other supplements trump up one or two individual ingredients and create a story around their super food attributes. But that’s like putting Michael Jordan on a team of amateurs and still have a championship caliber team. That doesn’t wash. Shakeology’s specially selected, natural ingredients are the dream team, working together so YOU get the health benefits from the healthiest meal of the day.

Why not a Vanilla Flavor?

If you are comparing a vanilla flavored shake to Shakeology, consider this. Our research indicates that it is impossible for the superfoods, adaptogen herbs, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and digestive enzymes to co-exist with vanilla flavor and actually taste good unless the vanilla flavor is achieved chemically and artificially. (It’s the “dirty little secret” of the flavoring industry even though labeling guidelines still allow this artificial flavoring to be called “natural vanilla flavoring”) Shakeology, unlike other companies are not willing to use that labeling loophole for their benefit. So are you willing to give up the incredible health benefits of Shakeology just for a vanilla taste?

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The Protein in Shakeology

The truth is in the details when it comes to comparing protein quality.

“Say NO to soy”

Look to see if the competition uses ANY soy in their formulation? Soy protein contains estrogen-mimicking compounds that can interfere with your hormones, plus most of the soy on the market is genetically modified (GMO). These are two important reasons why soy is not used in Shakeology.

Soy has been all the craze in recent years and it is possible that people are producing too much estrogen which can cause many adverse issues in the body. Do a little research of your own on the topic, and you may be as shocked at what you will learn about soy.

Many promote that their protein is “more absorbable”, be careful. Protein sources like Whey Protein Hydrolysate have been shown to trigger a much higher insulin response in the body. That’s not something we would tolerate in any health shake, much less Shakeology.

What about Lactose Intolerance?

Shakeology’s source is whey protein isolate, which is more than 90 percent pure protein. Plus, it is loaded with digestive enzymes and lactase. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose which is found in over-the-counter products like Lactaid®. Don’t confuse whey protein concentrate with “isolate”. Whey protein concentrate is the least pure form of whey protein made. The huge benefit of “isolate” vs. “concentrate” is that the fat has been removed to achieve “isolate”. The fat in whey protein carries toxins consumed by the animal. For this reason Shakeology can be used by so many people who are lactose-intolerant – because those toxins have been removed through the isolate process.

We scrutinize our protein sources heavily. If we find the manufacturer cutting corners by bringing in protein from farms that use hormones or feed inorganic materials to their cattle, we tell them to find another source. Other companies just don’t use this level of scrutiny when formulating their products. This kind of attention to detail can’t be captured on the label. (But it is definitely captured in how you feel when you consume the product over the long term!)

Glycemic index tested…

Many protein shakes brag that they have 1g of sugar or less. Check the label. They are using artificial chemical sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, or sugar alcohols). Shakeology’s small amounts of sugar is natural which is easily processed by the body. In fact it has been tested and certified by an independent lab to have a Low Glycemic Index of 24 – lower than most fruits (an apple is 36 and an orange is 43)!

Dollar for Dollar

Other shakes don’t cost as much as Shakeology, at least not at first glance, but they also don’t contain the full profile of vitamins and minerals, whole-food sources of anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogen herbs, prebiotics, probiotics or digestive enzymes. Some competitors would have you buy a separate vitamin pack for $150 per month! Chocolate flavoring packet for an extra $25 a month. If you want metabolism boosting effects and appetite control, you have to buy 2 additional products at $50 each. Hardly a good deal when you add it up, plus the health benefits are questionable.

We’ve seen competitors charge $250 to $335 per month to achieve the benefits of Shakeology. $4.00 a day doesn’t seem expensive when you realize all of the benefits Shakeology delivers in a whole food, easily digestible, great tasting meal.

And at a 10% or 25% discount for Beachbody club members and coaches, it’s even less expensive.

Quick Comparison

Screen Shot 2011 09 02 at 4.10.23 PM 300x242 Shakeology Compared to Everything ElseFormula: 70+ of the healthiest ingredients from whole food sources from around the world (including anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogen herbs, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals VS. protein, fillers, artificial coloring, and isolated glamour ingredients

Winner: Shakeology

Protein Source: Shakeology’s 15g of pure whey protein isolate plus 2g from plant sources VS soy, hydrolyzed whey and/or whey concentrate blend.

Winner: Shakeology

Taste: Rich chocolate or greenberry and soon tropical Shakeology Vs. chemically derived artificial-flavored competition?

Winner: Shakeology

Price: $120 for Shakeology VS. Oops! It’s impossible to compare lesser formulations on price. But if you add in all the separate vitamins and flavoring agents the other companies ask you to buy to (try and) match the benefits and nutritional content of Shakeology, you would easily spend over $300 every month – that’s 2 ½ times the cost of Shakeology! Yes, chocolate milk is cheaper than Shakeology. A vanilla soy shake might be cheaper than Shakeology – until you try to add what Shakeology’s got in it, and match what Shakeology can do for your health, and then it’s no contest.

Winner: Shakeology

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The best comparison is results. From weight loss and reduction in cravings, to regularity, to healthier cholesterol levels, to energy, to an overall sense of well being… We give a bottom-of-the-bag money-back guarantee on Shakeology because we KNOW people will be amazed at how they feel. Shakeology is the winner by a total knock out! Check out these results in this video: