P90X-3 Release

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The All-New P90X-3

P90X and P90X-2 changed the way people work out at home and now an all new P90X-3 is going to revolutionize the industry yet again. Tony Horton’s workouts have been getting more intense for faster results with every new release and we’re sure to see the same with the new P90X-3 coming out this winter. Get ripped and do it quickly with the all new P90X-3!

Who is P90X-3 for? The program will be targeting anyone who wants to get into the best shape of their lives and do it quickly. Tony Horton’s workouts make it easy for people to get ripped right in their own home. Keep pace with Tony for muscle blasting, cardio working, intense workouts that will get your body fit in no time.

What can we expect?

All we know about P90X-3 at this point is that it is going to be “ACCELERATED!” We’re assuming that this means that the P90X franchise is going to help people keep up with their busy lifestyles by getting in quick and intense workouts that get you results fast. We don’t have any idea yet what the workouts are going to look like or what the workout schedule will be but we can guarantee you that it will be “ACCELERATED!”

X3BuyNow1 e1386641794549 P90X 3 Release

When will it be released?

The question everyone is asking, is when will P90X-3 be released. All we know is that it will be out sometime this winter – probably in time for Christmas with a pre-orderScreen Shot 2013 09 01 at 2.04.55 PM P90X 3 Release deal like P90X-2 was. If you’d like to know the minute that release date is announced or when it’s available for pre-order, send me a message on my Contact Form and I will add you to my list. Or, you could just check back here for all the latest updates on P90X-3 to keep in the loop on what’s going on with it, including when features are announced to the public.


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