Insanity Review – Insanity Upper Body Weight Training

I just completed the Insanity Upper Body Weight Training workout for the first time. I have never lifted weights like that before. Shaun T has a very unique method to weight training. It’s Insanity style.insanity upperbody Insanity Review   Insanity Upper Body Weight Training

The Insanity 60 day DVD workout program is known for it’s intense cardio routines in which Shaun T pushes you for 2-3 minutes at 100% maximum effort and only 30 seconds rest. This intensity continues for 45 minutes to an hour through the 60 day program. But if you are like me you just have to add some upper body weight training to your workouts. Well, don’t worry, you now have the Insanity Upper Body Workout. You workout your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

When I first popped in the DVD I was expecting a weight lifting workout like you would be used to. You know, warm up a little and then start doing some sets of weights. I forgot this was Insanity. It starts out with Insanity style cardio warm-up exercises. Run (not jog) in place, jump ropes, jumping jacks, heisman, 1-2-3, and power hooks. So as usual, I was smoked just doing the warm-up.

Ok, now we get into the actual upper body weight training. The cool thing is that you burn calories all throughout this workout because you will do 2 to 3 weight lifting exercises and then do a traditional Insanity cardio exercise. You do 3 sets of each routine with the rep counts being 12 – 10 and 8, increasing the weight each time. Then 30 – 20 and 10 seconds respectively on the cardio move. A few seconds rest and then back into the next set.

You will notice that alot of the moves are quite different than you might have done before. There is this one tricep move that looks really easy but it just destroyed me. It’s called the Elevated Tricep Dips. You sit on the floor and place your feet up on a bench or chair. With your hands behind your butt you do dips. The range of motion is very little but your triceps are so isolated that you get an insane burn.